The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

To get the best results when painting your house, you need to hire a professional painting contractor. DIY projects often leave a lot to be desired, wasting your time and money for less-than-ideal results. The same can often be said about “handyman” painting services, which is just DIY painting with another name. How does hiring a professional painter benefit you?

Attention to Detail

One of the biggest differences when you choose a professional is the amazing attention to detail. Painting contractors do this for a living, so they’re focused on giving you the best possible finish. After all, their reputation depends on high-quality work. You can expect perfect edges and incredible results.


Another thing homeowners love when hiring professionals is how clean the work area stays. Expert contractors take the time to tape up around wood trim, windows, doors and light fixtures. They carefully cover or move furniture out of the room to avoid any spots at all. They protect your flooring and decor, ensuring your home stays clean.

On the other hand, cheap painting services often do the job as quickly as possible without thinking about your possessions. DIY projects can end up with paint spots on carpeting, furniture and clothing that are nearly impossible to remove.


A big reason why professional results look so good is because of the in-depth preparation beforehand. Unlike “handyman” jobs, expert work involves carefully preparing surfaces for good adhesion.

Sometimes, this means applying caulk around windows to improve energy efficiency. It can mean repairing minor defects on walls. Cleaning, sanding and applying primer all happen before putting your preferred paint color on the walls.


High-quality interior and exterior paint last longer. Hiring a painting contractor is a smart investment that can make your home look amazing for a long time. Many businesses offer quality guarantees, which is something you won’t get from DIY projects.